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Hearing Aid Success Stories

  • Peggy gives a review of Chattanooga's Healthy Hearing patient

    My daughter had been telling me for a long time that I needed my hearing checked. Dr. Halsey-Richardson was right in my backyard. She gave me a thorough going over and was very personable and knowledgeable. She’s very good on a personal basis. She had me fitted in a week.

    When I got the hearing aids it was like I was in a new world. It’s magnificent. At our crowded dinner table, nobody has to repeat themselves. Any kind of problem you have, she’ll make it right.

    I love to send people to her. I’m on the welcoming committee and I love communicating with all the people who live here. I keep her business cards and hand them out. I would have loved if someone had done that for me. There’s no one I wouldn’t recommend to her. I really trust her. I’m very satisfied, very happy with her, and would not go anywhere else.

    Peggy M.

  • Howell leaves a review of Chattanooga's Healthy Hearing patient

    For years I’d been listening to loud sounds in the metal shop and loud the music I played in a band. My wife was tired of me asking her what she’d said. I like Dr. Halsey-Richardson mainly because she stayed with me on adjustments. I had tried hearing aids before on a 30-day trial but they hadn’t done any adjustments, so I sent them back.

    She showed interest in wanting me to hear what I needed to hear, and helped me on what I did want to hear and took out what I didn’t. She’s very easy to talk to. She shows you how to take care of your hearing aids and that’s a big thing too. It means a lot if you can talk about whatever problems you have. She makes you feel you can drop in anytime, if you need batteries or anything.”

    Howell G.