ReSound and Oticon rechargeable hearing aids pictured with their chargers

Today’s hearing aids offer so much more than better hearing.

It’s a fast-paced digital world, and everyone wants to stay connected. Being able to hear what’s going on around you is a necessity. Today’s hearing aids take it many steps further by fitting in perfectly with the digital world. Advanced hearing aid technology now offers easy connections to your favorite technology and media—directly from your hearing aids.

Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids can connect you to any sound source, such as your cell phone, music devices, TV and more. Clear sound flows directly into your hearing aids for effortless hearing. Enjoy easy, direct connections with the people you care about through hands-free phone calls, video calls, Skype and Facetime®, on all phones.

If music is important to you, connect to your favorite media such as podcasts and music through stereo media streaming. And hearing aids can wirelessly connect to your TV to give you complete control over the volume you hear.

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