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Assistive Listening Device:
A hearing device that serves as additional help to hearing aids such as an amplified phone, Bluetooth devices, TV Ears, doorbell and smoke alarm alerting devices and FM systems.

Auditory Processing Disorder:
Auditory Process disorder is the abnormal processing by the brain of what we hear.

Cerumen Management: 
Removal of earwax.

hearing evaluations in Chattanooga

Hearing Evaluations: 
Comprehensive diagnostic evaluation ensures that we understand your unique level of hearing.  It includes puretone testing and testing for understanding of words.

Hearing Screening:
A pass/fail test for puetones only.

Hearing Protection Devices:
Custom made earmolds to wear in the presence of loud sounds.  There are different types such as musician’s plugs and shooter’s plugs. 

Otoacoustic Emissions Testing (OAE):
A test of hair cell function in the cochlea.  The test can be used to screen hearing in newborns and infants or individuals with developmental disabilities that cannot respond in a traditional manner. 

Real Ear Measurements: 
A method to validate a hearing aid fitting by placing a tiny microphone in the ear canal near the eardrum and taking a measurement of sound. 

Swim Plugs: 
Swim plugs are custom made earmolds to keep water out of the ear.

An abnormal perception of sound in the ear often described as “ringing,” “crickets” or “roaring”.  50 million Americans suffer from Tinnitus. 

Tests the condition of eardrum and middle ear.


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