Have you recently started wearing hearing aids? Is the adjustment period different than you expected? Don’t worry, you’ve got this.

It’s common for new hearing aid wearers to feel frustrated with the new technology in their ears. Maybe they’re uncomfortable, the sounds are too sharp or background noises are just too much. Maybe you’re not even sure how to work them. Don’t worry, and don’t give up.

Hearing aids take a lot of time to get used to. It’s not as simple as wearing a new pair of glasses. In fact, it can take several months to become completely used to wearing hearing aids. And, it takes practice to learn how to correctly operate them.

From inserting, to storage, from changing the battery (or recharging), to adjusting the volume, there’s a lot to learn. And, since today’s hearing aids are extremely sophisticated and are constantly being updated with the newest technology, this can add to the learning curve.

Thankfully there are resources to help during the adjustment period—and beyond. For example, Coach from Unitron, is an app feature that provides helpful tips and advice, such as charging, cleaning, usage and more—all sent directly to your smartphone. These notifications are provided in easy-to-understand content and videos. And of course, there’s always in-clinic counseling to help get you through the adjustment period.

At any time you have questions or need help, contact our office or stop in. Together, we will get you enjoying your new hearing experience.